Arbor Bay’s Landscaping Services

Why use an Arborist to plant your trees?

A recent study by Clemson shows that 93% of "professionally planted" trees are planting incorrectly! Have your trees planted by a Certified Arborist and avoid a dead tree two years later. Proper planting leads to a long healthy life. It all starts with picking the right team to plant your tree!

Planting _ One Year Later

Our commercial and residential landscape Services include:

  • Turf Grasses, Sod, Plants, and Tree Installation
  • Retaining Walls, Decorative Rock, and Masonry
  • Sprinklers and Irrigation
  • Commercial and Residential Design
  • Erosion and Drainage Control
  • Holiday Treatments and Seasonal Landscaping
  • Trenching and Grading
  • Soil Preparation and Hydro seeding
  • Overall Landscape Improvements and Recommendations

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