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ISA Certified Arborist Tampa

Serving The Greater Tampa Bay Area For Over 20 Years

ISA Certifications

Tree Removal

We are a premier tree removal company in Tampa, Florida. We have provided tree removal services for trees of all shapes and sizes.

Tree Trimming

Our Tampa, Florida tree trimming services can have your trees looking their best in no time. Tree trimming can also reinvigorate your trees health.

Lot Clearing

Allow the professionals at Arbor Bay Tree Service in Tampa, Florida to help you clear any lot of trees, stumps and other debris.

Stump Grinding

Arbor Bay is able to stump grind the largest of stumps below grade to ensure you have a clean look when we are finished. 

Eugene RookerEugene Rooker
20:01 29 Dec 21
Robert was on time and very professional. This is my third time using Arbor Tree and the two crews were easy to work with. Much better experience this time. Left property clean like before the work started.
Alex MurphyAlex Murphy
14:57 27 Dec 21
Arbor Bay cut down a very large decaying grand oak in my front yard. They were very responsive and provided great communication through the whole process (which was not easy given the size and location). They knew it was urgent and did everything they could to move things along with the city and electric company. They worked through rain and the crew was nice and efficient. Casey was very knowledgeable and helpful from the first day he came out for a consult.
Lawrence ShawLawrence Shaw
14:21 19 Dec 21
I've been using Arbor Bay Tree Service for about 10-15 years. I live in South Tampa and we care about our trees. From management, office and crews are professional and explaining the steps of the project. Arbor Bay crews work with precision and care of my property and great clean up. Always hate losing a tree. I have used Arbor Bay for more then tree care, they have helped in other landscaping issues.
B. WilliB. Willi
10:37 14 Dec 21
Kacy & his team at Arbor Bay were excellent to work with! I have a beautiful Grand Oak in my backyard that is truly the focal point and main reason we bought our home. Trusting Kacy and Arbor Bay was the best decision we made.Kacy provided us with information on ways to help promote growth through pruning / dead limb removal, which ultimately will preserve the integrity of the tree in the long run.We were so happy when the Arbor Bay crew were completed, the finished product looked amazing, everything from cost to quality great.
Loren BenningfieldLoren Benningfield
14:47 21 Nov 21
Arbor Bay did an excellent job of pruning my trees to promote healthy growth. In one tree, an ancient pecan, they found a limb that was compromised and had potential to fall into my house. After photographing and filming the damage for me we elected to remove the 30' limb. Great job doing a thorough examination and keeping me involved in the project.The crew was professional and courteous, the owner was onsite directing the work, and everything was cleaned up put in order before they left. I can easily recommend this company.

South Tampa Tree Service

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming involves a lot of knowledge in the biology of trees. Cuts on trees have to be done in particular places at particular times of the year, and only certain branches should be removed by an experienced Tampa tree service.

Tree Removal

We are well equipped to handle any tree and wood removal situation, but our customers satisfaction level at the end is what is most important to us. We work with you to fit your budget.

Lot Clearing

Arbor Bay's land and lot clearing services include tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, site excavation*, site prep, and proper grading procedures. From a small residential lot to a few hundred commercial acres, Arbor Bay Tree Service provides land clearing services for any sized job, large or small.

Stump Grinding

We provide the highest levels of stump grinding in the business being able to grind stumps well below grade so you are able to easily utilize that area for other landscape needs.

Tree Service Permits

In many cases, tree removal and even some tree trimming in Tampa requires either a County or a City Permit. We can and will expedite permits for you. We take our builders and GC's through the permitting process to stream line the process and avoid costly delays.

Free Estimates

We provide electronic estimates detailing the work you have requested, a break down of all the work and the pricing. This will include all of our insurance information and statement of work for the job to be completed.

Tampa Florida Tree Service Process

Contact Us

Call us for a quote on scope of project

Free Estimate

An accurate tree service quote will be given with date & time of service


We’ll obtain a permit from the City or County

Clean Up

Our tree service experts will arrive ON TIME and cleanup any debris

Professional tree service in Tampa Florida

Arbor Bay Tree Service

Arbor Bay Tree Service provides professional tree service in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas. We have 2 ISA Certified Arborists on staff and we have over 20 years of  tree service experience including: tree removal, tree trimming, lot clearing, stump grinding and tree arborist consultations. We take our builders and GC’s through the permitting process to assure that they avoid costly delays.

Our job as tree experts in Tampa, Florida is to help educate our customers on the best routes to take to remove or trim their trees and then take care of the job for them with the highest levels of customer service. 

The educational and professional background of our team is diverse, yet complimentary to ensure integration of technical and creative services. We believe you will find working with us brings a pleasurable experience as everyone at Arbor Bay shares the highest level of commitment to excellence.

We are experts in our field, and along with our competitive pricing and quality customer service, we provide our customers with every tree service imaginable for the health of their trees and safety of their properties from their trees.

We would love the opportunity to help you with your tree service needs. Give us a call or fill out our online form to request a free estimate.

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Family Owned

We are a family owned and operated business. If you believe in supporting family owned businesses, you have discovered a rare find with us.

Highest Integrity

We are ethical, well reviewed, and an owner is always onsite to ensure that your project is completed to our high expectations.


With over 20 years of experience, we have handled the toughest jobs. We are fully licensed and insured and provide free estimates on all jobs.

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Tree Removal Tampa Florida


Arbor Bay Tree Service provides professional tree removal services in Tampa, Florida and have over 20 years of experience in dealing with tree removals, tree trimming, lot clearing, stump grinding and anything that has to deal with trees. We provide a customer first approach to every job we take on to ensure the customer is 100% happy. Our communication is very open, our integrity is what we stand on and our prices are very competitive.

We will advise you of the best course to take with each tree removal with our free estimate. We have taken on the most dangerous trees in the industry near houses, over fences, in small areas to lower things, dead trees, and the biggest trees you can imagine. We often take on jobs and safely complete them that other tree companies have turned down.

We utilize many different methods of roping, rigging, zip-lining, craning, and lowering sections of trees to set it down on the ground as gently and precisely as possible. We have some of the latest equipment in technology in regards to tree removal and tree trimming.

Reasons for tree removal may include:

  • Your tree could have sustained significant storm damage.
  • The tree could be a victim of pest or disease infestation and decay.
  • A tree could be dying, which poses a risk to nearby structures and people.
  • The tree might be encroaching on the integrity of your sidewalks, driveways, or public utilities.
  • Often times, the tree may have become too overgrown and could be an aesthetic concern for the property.

Tree removal can be a very dangerous and delicate operation that must be completed by a team of highly trained professionals.

tree service tampa

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Tree Trimming Tampa Florida

Are you in need of tree trimming in Tampa, Florida area? Trimming your trees and shrubs not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also improves the tree’s overall health, well-being, and safety of those around.

It is important to think of tree care as an investment. Trimming your trees and shrubs is an important home maintenance issue that all homeowners should be aware of. A healthy tree increases in value with age by giving numerous benefits to you and your family.

We provide professional tree trimming in Tampa, Fl and surrounding areas. We have handled some of the most difficult and hard to reach tree trimming jobs that most other tree service companies tend to shy away from.

Because of our extensive experience in tree trimming in conjunction with our education and training as an arborist, we have been able to turn some of the most dire situations into a beautiful scenery saving our customers both time and money by not having to replace the existing trees.

Our certified arborists can help you determine the pruning and maintenance needs for your trees and shrubs. Whether you have a mature tree in need of limb removal or a young tree needing an annual pruning program, we will plan the right solution to make your trees and shrubs beautiful, safe and healthy.

We would love to work with you on all your tree trimming work in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.

tree trimming

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Lot Clearing Tampa Florida

Do you need lot or land cleared in Tampa or St. Petersburg area? Arbor Bay Tree Service provides property clearing services for both residential and commercial customers.

Arbor Bay’s land and lot clearing services include tree trimmingtree removalstump grinding, site excavation*, site prep, and proper grading procedures. From a small residential lot to a few hundred commercial acres, Arbor Bay Tree Service provides property clearing services for any sized job, large or small.
Whatever your needs are, we work closely with you to ensure you receive the desired results for the duration of your land clearing project. Having served the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years, we understand the importance of completing projects on schedule and within the specified budget.
Contact Us for a Land Clearing Estimate or if you have any questions regarding Land Clearing services.

lot clearing tampa florida

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Stump Grinding & Removal Tampa Florida

When it comes to stump removal, there are several different options that Arbor Bay Tree Service provides. If you are looking to have stump grinding, we will come out to your property with the equipment necessary to get the stump grinded  well below the surface of the ground so you will not see it anymore.

We also provide root pruning services if you are looking to transplant a tree and would like to maintain the integrity of the tree. This service requires professional attention to detail and only someone that has the experience and equipment to handle these types of jobs. Otherwise you could be transplanting a tree that will not survive. We have helped many homeowners and businesses alike in transplanting trees to other areas of the property or to a new location.

Root ball excavation is removing the entire root ball from the ground giving you the ability to build or plant something new in that location. We can help remove any size root ball and have the excavation equipment to handle any size job.

Contact Us for a stump removal or grinding service estimate or if you have any questions regarding stump removal services.

stump grinding tampa florida

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Tree Service Tampa Florida

No matter what type of tree service you may need in the Tampa, Florida area, Arbor Bay Tree Service can help. No job is too big or too small and we have helped hundreds of customers, both residential and commercial, with their tree service needs.
We treat every situation differently as each job has its own special circumstances. Where it may be due to risk near a home, business or utility line or a special tree that is starting to look diseased that you may want brought back to life before it dies. We are here to help you.
Every customer is provided with a free consultation and estimate and the quote we provide is very detailed to provide our customers with exactly what the plan and strategy is.
Give Arbor Bay Tree Service a call today for all your tree service needs.
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tree service tampa florida

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